Coffee tools and Decent Espresso machine accessories designed by Sheldon Wong

I love the drip tray adapter it works great with the new Decent scale. Having a bluetooth scale below the drip tray is a game changer; can't ever go back!

Chris F.

As always Sheldon, very happy with the quality of your product. The build quality and fit and finish of my PorcuPress was excellent. Your customer service is always great with respect to answering questions pre and post sale.I’m still experimenting but I have definitely seen an improvement with my extractions. They begin more evenly (watching naked portafilter) and I’m starting to be able to pick out certain characteristics of the bean where as before I always struggled with that. For me, I really feel this device has improved my espresso making with my Decent DE1+. I look forward to what you do next!

Jason M.


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